Family Office/ Private Equity support

Monitoring of Portfolio companies :

  • Ongoing or Ad-Hoc;
  • Diagnosis of real issues / situations ;
  • Devising and/or implementing remediation plans focused on value realization / maximization for equity owners;

Accelerated M&A / Restructuring :

Flash or comprehensive Due Diligence on acquisition targets :

  • Complementary to, not instead of traditional Due Diligence (accounting / legal / etc…) still to be performed where useful by specialized teams;
  • Geared towards quickly checking the « equity story » and integrating all elements into « the big picture »;
  • Relevant mostly on stressed / distressed or complex acquisition targets;

The Alpaha Advantage

  • Experience of Private Equity deal team / Operational Partner roles;
  • Combination of high-level financial with high-level operational and strategy consulting  skills;

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